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Designed for beginners to elite cyclists
Helps improve cardio vascular health
Strengthens & conditions
Notice immediate benefits after a few classes
Lose weight and tone body at the same time

Functional Fitness & Bootcamp

Combines both cardio with strength
Combines use of TRX, Bosu’s, Kettle Bells and Free Weights
Great for those seeking additional challenge to their regime

Cycle Fusion

A mix of spinning, core strengthening & stretching
Designed for avid cyclists and runners
Improves endurance, core strength and flexibility
Reduces back, knee and hip tension


Class offers a mid-paced movement
Combines strength, balance, co-ordination and flexibility of your body, mind and spirit
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Introduction to the fundamental movements of pilates incorporating functional movement to improve strength, posture and flexibility

Body Blast

Full Body work out combining cardio and strength training using your own body weight.

Cardio Box

Combines both cardio with strength training, boxing style and circuit training

Exercise Intentions and Habit Formation

This research-based group is designed to help you create an exercise plan and stick to it. We will cover strategies to form habits, build personalized workout plans based on your own goals, and monitor your progress using several measures over the course of 8 weeks. The first half of the course content will be covered on the first and third Sundays of each month, so you should aim to attend your first class on one of these days. You are encouraged to keep returning until you are comfortable with the material. Otherwise, you can work at your own pace and attend as many classes as you like. All are welcome!

Eliminator Outdoor Cross Training Centre

The Eliminator is a true test of one’s anaerobic fitness. Utilizing both strength and cardiovascular systems simultaneously it is a great way to check your overall fitness levels and monitor your progress.

A series of self challenged obstacles, including squats, pull ups, hurdles, tire flip, 10ft rope climb, sled drag, sand run and more. Courses are designed based on fitness levels from beginner, intermediate to advanced.

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