5:00am - midnight



Energy Fitness Studio Staff

We employ a team of committed and certified professionals that will guide, support, and inspire our members in achieving their health and fitness goals.


Brad Anderson
General Manager
Personal Trainer / Spin Instructor / Group Fitness Instructor 

Dr. Joseph Pelino DC BSc DACBSP
Energy Sport Medicine Clinic Director

Emily Thiessen CAT(C) BAHSc(AT)
Energy Sport Medicine Clinic Manager
Athletic Therapist 

Personal Trainers and Instructors

Bryan Allanigue
Personal Trainer / Instructor

Dave Larocque
Personal Trainer / Instructor / ELDOA

Claire Gallop
Spin Instructor

Kaileigh Schenck 
Exercise Intentions and Habit Formation

Jenna Game
Yoga Instructor

Julie VanHorne
Yoga / Gentle Yoga Instructor

Matt Himes
Personal Trainer / Instructor 

Mario Elrick
Spin and Functional Strength Instructor

Steve Yorksie
Spin Instructor

Mike Cheliak
Mobility RX Yoga Instructor

Jesse El- Farram
Yoga Flow / Hot Yoga Instructor

Sandra Edgar
Pilates Instructor

Front Desk Staff

Rina (Front Desk Supervisor), Lisa, Mary Lynn, Shannon, Mike, Kaileigh , Rob, Justice and Brady